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This is a port to JavaScript from vardrop/gen-pkmn-name

What is a PKMN?

$ node genpkmn.js

So basically a PKMN is a word created from vocals and konsonants in turn starting with a vocal.



$ node genpkmn.js -h
usage: node genpkmn.js [-h] [<NUMBER> <LENGTH> <UNIQUE>]

Generate PKMN names.

positional arguments:
default values can be accessed with 0
  NUMBER                a number of names to be printed                 (default: 1)
  LENGTH                the length of the names to be printed           (default: 8)
  UNIQUE                max repitions of chars (higher, less unique)    (default: 3)


const gen = require('./genpkmn.js')



gen({number: 0, length: 0, unique: 0})

Input (all params are optional, 0 is for default [1, 8, 3])

Output: String (i.e. eleyunow) if length is 1 else array (i.e. ['afigesev', 'oyuroqeg', 'oqovaluc'])

Takes zero to three parmeters and returns a PKMN with the following specs (default values):

  • 1 PKMN
  • 8 characters
  • Uniquity of 3