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This is a port to Go from kami/js-gen-pkmn

What is a PKMN

Basically a PKMN is a word created from vocals and konsonants in turn starting with a vocal.


$ go get -u


type GenOpts

type GenOpts struct {
	Number, Length, Unique int
	Quiet bool

Quiet will silence the info output when uniquity is too low.

func Gen

func Gen(opts GenOpts) (string, []string)


package main

    pkmn "vardrop/go-gen-pkmn"

func main() {
    p, a := pkmn.Gen(pkmn.GenOpts{
        Number: 2,
    fmt.Printf(p, "%v", a)
afigesev [afigesev oyuroqeg]


MIT © 2019 Felix Soederhuyzen