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A simple xdcc downloader for various anime


Warning: nightly builds

windows-x64 linux-x64 macos
latest build latest build latest build

Also download search.conf.yml and insert this file into the same directory as the executable.


Usage: anixd [options]

  -o, --output <dir>       output dir for downloads (default: "./")
  -n, --results <n>        cap results after n results
  -s, --select <n>         selects result from search list
  -u, --username <user>    override random username
  --useragent <useragent>  override useragent (default: "anixd 0.3.0")
  --no-update              disables update check
  --no-internet_check      disables internet check
  --stream <player>        streaming via player (do not use this)
  --no-history             disables the history
  -V, --version            output the version number
  -h, --help               output usage information

  $ anixd
  $ anixd -n 10
  $ anixd "magic 1080p"

Supported searches


Via search.conf.yml:

If you want to extend the searches, you can do so easily,
if they conform to the weblayout as the others (HorribleSubs for example).

To do so, you will need to extend the search.conf.yml as following

# <Name of Service>
- irc: <IRC-adress with port>
  chan: <Channelname>
  search: <Search url, usually xdcc.nameofservice.tld/search.php?t=>

Install requirements

$ npm i

Run app

$ node index.js


$ npm i -D
$ npm run build

The finished executable can be found under ./dist/.
The nodejs executables that are used in my builds are compressed via upx.
If you want to achieve reproducable builds,

$ npm run build

once, then

$ upx ~/.nexe/*

(path may differ on windows) then run

$ npm run build

again (you only need to compress nodejs executables like that whenever the buildscript is updated to a newer nodejs version).